Raise money for charity and save the planet with Phonefund

PHONE FUND has three goals:

First, to be a resource for schools, churches and other organizations who wish to raise funds for their projects easily and without start-up costs.

Second, to give new life to old technology. Although many of us want the latest gadgets, our throw-away cell phones, digital cameras, PDA’s and laptops are very desirable in developing nations.

Third, to keep toxic e-waste out of the landfill.

There are more than 150 million unused cell phones sitting in homes all over America. These phones could mean funds for your group. Phone Fund helps you organize cell phone collections, and pays you for all the phones you collect. You spend no money to get started, and your whole community, including local businesses and families, becomes a resource, plus you don’t have to ask anyone for money. We also accept your collected digital cameras, PDA’s and laptops.

We work with each group and customize a campaign to help you maximize this fund-raising opportunity. Your group collects, ships to us at our cost and Phone Fund sends you a check. The whole process couldn’t be easier!

We have a variety of methods of disposing of the cell phones and other electronics you collect. Phones are given new life through refurbishing, where they get new faceplates, LCD’s, batteries or whatever is needed, and are repackaged and offered into secondary markets such as the pre-paid industry. Those phones that cannot be refurbished are recycled in an environmentally sound manner. They are sent to recyclers and smelters to be defracted for their component parts according to EPA standards


Old cell phones

Donating Unused Electronics Can Pay


Old Cell Phones, Gadgets

KGO By Michael Finney

– It’s been more than three weeks since Hurricane Katrina, and there is concern that Americans are suffering from fundraising fatigue — that people are tapped out, with no money left to give. But there is something you probably have at home that could be converted into cash for a charity.

You know the feeling — you’ve already donated to the Red Cross or some other charity, and would like to give more but your budget is stretched to the limit. Well, here’s an easy way to get that extra money to donate: sell all your old and unused cell phones and other tech gadgets.It may look like just a pile of tech junk, but these old phones actually still have value.

Michelle Shelfer, PhoneFund.com: “There really is a substantial market for phones that are a few years old.”

Michelle and Jerry Shelfer’s San Rafael-based company PhoneFund.com will actually pay for old cell phones, pagers, PDA’s, laptops, even digital cameras.

Jerry Shelfer, PhoneFund.com: “It’s too old for the person who was using it, but someone can find use for this, so we bring it to the secondary market.”

All you do is gather up the gear and email PhoneFund with a list of items you have and how much they weigh, and then box them up. PhoneFund even pays for the shipping.

Michelle Shelfer, PhoneFund.com: “The box arrives, we evaluate it, send out an email with your valuation summary on the phones we received, and within 30 days, you get a check.”

They aren’t alone: a growing number of companies are encouraging consumers to cash in.

After all, each time a new model hits the market, an old one gets tossed aside.

Brian Cooley, CNET Editor: “The average person gets a new cell phone every 11 months these days, it’s become very rapid. So there are 130 million cell phones that are going into drawers every year.”

If you only have one or two items to sell, you might not get very much back.

But an organized effort could make a worthy and profitable fundraiser  with very little effort.

Jerry Shelfer, PhoneFund.com: “A typical box of phones would be 10 to 50 phones.”

Some companies will even send collection boxes for you to use.

PhoneFund also provides a free start-up kit, which includes ready-made collection bin labels, flyers and press releases.

Michelle Shelfer, PhoneFund.com: “All they have to do is get out in the community and collect those phones and PDAs and laptops and digital cameras and just mail them in. It couldn’t be easier. It’s like finding money.”

It’s a great idea if you’re thinking of ways to help raise money for hurricane relief.

By the way, a one-week collection just here at the ABC7 newsroom netted us a quick $185. Not bad for stuff we weren’t using anyway.

We decided to send the money to BAYCAT, the non-profit BayView Hunters’ Point Center for Arts and Technology.

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  • Michael Finney

    ABC7 News Team

    Michael Finney, Consumer Reporter


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