Eco-Responsible Art Prints to Benefit Environmental Causes


Artist McKenzie releases 1st ever Eco-Friendly Art Print Series to raise funds to benefit the Environment by Patricia West 


“What an innovative idea!” exclaims environmental activist and art collector, Jamie Viscott, while viewing the ground-breaking print series. “She is completing the circle. Eco-responsibly produced Art whose profits are donated to causes that benefit the environment. Wow. It is just a no-brainer.”

It is true. Many people are going green these days; doing the right thing for our planet. Eco home decor products abound— Eco-friendly rugs, tiles, furniture, appliances; Everything you can think of for your home BUT Fine Art Prints and Frames— Until now.

“Why hasn’t there been any eco-friendly art available and why is it important?” asks a McKenzie Art Studio visitor during a recent gallery open house.

The answer is awareness. People just don’t know…

1. The printing industry is the single largest polluter in the world. 

2. The printing industry is also the 3rd largest consumer of fossil fuels following the automobile and steel-manufacturing industries. 

3. Printers use trillions of gallons of water, which then has to be treated because of its toxicity. 

4.  (VOC) Volatile organic compound. A highly evaporative, carbon-based chemical substance, which produces noxious fumes; found in many paints, caulks, stains, and adhesives. Thought to cause cancer in humans.

5.  More than 70% of the paper in the world is made from wood taken from forests in regions with ecologically valuable, biologically diverse habitats.

Artist McKenzie, known for her “Art Making a Difference” campaign has embarked on mission to change the Art, Paper, and Print Industry by educating the consumers who will in turn demand change. “The first part to sparking change is Awareness. Many people are not aware of the damaging VOCs from the printing industry; nor that a forest area the size of 20 football fields is lost every minute to paper production. It is a shame and doesn’t need to be that way. There are alternatives and we are going to be introducing them to the public.”

The Eco Responsible Art Print Series combines the use of Green Art Printers, Eco-Friendly Art Papers, and Sustainable Wood Frames. Even the original paintings are created using non-toxic paints. The Art Prints are now available at, and soon in galleries across the country.

Paradise Path Painting by Artist McKenzie


visit to read more about the artist

visit to purchase a print and contribute to environmental causes.


~ by Alex Martoni on June 9, 2008.

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  1. Really good initiative!


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